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Bus Expectations

The following school bus rules are issued by the Moraga School District.  These rules apply to both home-to-school-to-home transportation and to bus field trips.
Any action that provides a distraction to the bus driver is considered a safety hazard. 
  • Remain in seat while bus is in motion
  • Be respectful to the bus driver
  • No scuffling, horseplay, or leaving your seat on the bus.
  • Keep head and limbs inside the bus (not out the windows).
  • Do not throw objects in or out of the bus.
  • No unnecessary noise, abusive language or gestures
  • Do not litter or damage the school bus
  • Never walk behind the bus.  Cross the street in front of the bus with an adult chaperone. 
For information regarding how the bus system operates, visit the Lamorinda School Bus or call (925) 299-3216.