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Please remember to use good judgment when choosing appropriate cloths for your child to wear to school. Students' clothing should be safe for themselves and for the children around them. Therefore, the following guidelines should be considered:
  • Casual, loose clothing that allows children to move and play comfortably is recommended.
  • Shoes should be safe and appropriate for recess and PE. Close-toed shoes are best for school and are required for "PE days." Flip-flops, shoes without a heel strap, boots, "wheelies," dress shoes or shoes with high heels are not safe.
  • Beach attire, such as halter tops, bare midriffs, strapless shirts or dresses, spaghetti strap shirts or dresses, see-through clothing, off-the-shoulder blouses and short skirts/shorts are not appropriate for school.
  • In hot weather, students may wear shorts that are at least mid-thigh in length. Remember, however, that long pants protect knees better than shorts do! Pants and shorts must be worn at the waistline and must not expose undergarments.
  • Clothing which displays vulgar language or symbols or promotes drugs, alcohol or other inappropriate or illegal messages are not permitted.
  • Bracelets and other dangling jewelry can tangle in play equipment and cause injury.
Before your child walks out the door, please make sure he/she is wearing appropriate clothing for an elementary school. Students may be sent home to change clothing if their attire is inappropriate or disruptive to the educational setting.