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Rheem Elementary is a very special place that takes advantage of a “team” approach—teachers, students, and parents all joining together to promote a dynamic learning environment in which all students can thrive.  
Make sure you are receiving all important communications from Rheem School. Here are the Big Two:
Rheemarks: This weekly email (usually sent on Sundays) is sent through Rheem's ParentSquare platform.  Family email addresses are pulled from our database (the info provided at registration) to make sure that ALL families receive this newsletter.  This newsletter focuses on current school events and issues.  
PTA E-News: Rheem’s weekly PTA Newsletter is sent out usually on Wednesdays and limited to important information and updates about PTA programs, activities, opportunities, monthly PTA meetings, and more!  Once you sign up for PTA, you’ll start receiving these informative newsletters. 
Any time you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher or the principal. The school number is (925) 376-4441. If you prefer, the school secretary can forward your call to the voice mail of any staff member.  Also, voice mail numbers of all teachers are published in the PTA phone directory, and e-mail addresses for individual staff members are also available on the school's website.
Teachers use some of these methods to communicate with Rheem families:
  • Weekly e-news regarding school activities
  • Report cards and parent conferences
  • Newsletters and/or e-communications from teachers to parents
  • Sending home samples of student work
  • Back-to-School Night and Open House