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Dogs and Other Furry Friends

As a general rule, dogs and other animals are not welcome at school. Specifically, according to the state’s education code, dogs are prohibited from school campuses, whether or not the dogs are leashed. Several signs posted on campus note that “Dogs are not allowed.”
Therefore, if families are including a dog walk at the same time they are picking up or dropping off their child, we request that you meet or say goodbye to your child at the crosswalk on Laird, thereby not bringing the dog on campus. This precaution will help keep your pet from being overrun by well-meaning children and assure that our children are safe during the busy arrival and dismissal times. We have several students who are either afraid or allergic to certain types of pets, so this policy keeps our school environment safe and friendly.                
If you notice a dog on campus, leashed or not, please inform the school office. It is our intention to keep our campus safe. Again, many thanks for your understanding of this school rule.