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Drug Use and Abuse

The administration of the Moraga School District shall practice the following procedures relative to student drug use and abuse on school property or whenever the student is under the jurisdiction of the District. 
  • No internal medication is to be administered by school personnel except as prescribed by a doctor.  (cf.5141.21, Administering Medication)
  • Dangerous and narcotic drugs which a student has on prescription and carries onto school property for ingestion as prescribed by a doctor must be in their original containers and kept in the principal's office. 
  • Whenever any staff member has reason to believe that a student may be under drug influence, that staff member shall immediately notify the principal, and the principal, if in agreement, shall notify the parent to come for the student and to remove the student to his/her home or to a physician or to a medical facility.
In severe cases, if the parents cannot or will not come to the school, the principal is authorized to call an ambulance to remove the student to a hospital.  Parents will be notified of this action and shall be responsible for the incurred expenses.
Upon reasonable evidence of drug use, the student will be suspended from school until such time as a doctor authorizes the student's return to school under stated conditions as recommended by the doctor. 
The following procedures will be followed when there is reason to believe that a student is selling or is in possession of drugs improperly:
  • The school administrator shall advise the local juvenile narcotics officer or law enforcement personnel.  Juvenile authorities will make the decision as to whether they or the school will notify the parents.
  • The school administrator will take the student to the school office, where the administrator will confront the student with the suspicion, or the administrator may notify the police before taking the pupil to the office.  The student should be removed from a classroom in a drug case only by a school administrator.
It shall be the policy of the school to take positive action through education, counseling, parental involvement, medical referral, and police referral in the handling of incidents in the school involving the possession, sale, and/or use of behavior affecting substances. These substances shall include but not be limited to marijuana, LSD, glue, alcohol, and barbiturates. 
School properties may be inspected by school authorities in the interest of maintenance, health, and safety.  Inspections for the location of drugs, narcotics, liquor, weapons, poisons, and missing properties are matters relating to health and safety and may be regarded as reasonable purposes for inspection by school personnel so long as such inspections are conducted in accordance with constitutional requirements of applicable state law relating to searches and seizures. 
The professional staff shall become expert in recognition of the symptoms of such use, and shall emphasize the dangers of such use wherever appropriate in the health education program and in other contexts.
(ED Code 48900, 48901, 48909, 51202, 51203, 51260) Governing Board Policy 714.5