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Governing Board

The Moraga School District Governing Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month in the Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School Auditorium at 7:30 P.M. unless otherwise noted on the posted agenda. Agendas are posted at each school site, the Post Office, and the District Office at least forty-eight hours in advance of the meeting. 
Board packets will be available for perusal prior to the meeting at the District Office and at the back of the room at school board meetings. Packets and/or minutes may be ordered in advance for a nominal fee to cover labor and printing costs. 
Public input is an important part of the District's decision-making process. To facilitate public comment and input and the orderly conduct of business at school board meetings, the Governing Board has adopted the following procedural policies, all of which are within the guidelines of the Education Code and the Brown Act. 
Here are the Governing Board Meeting Procedures:
A. Procedure for Handling Public Input
  • The public may address agenda items "as they come up" during the meeting. In order to assure orderly decision making and fair access for all members of the public, the Board President may, when deemed appropriate by the President, take some or all of the following actions: 
  • Specify times during the discussion of an item when public input will be permitted.
  • Limit the time allowed for each speaker.
  • Limit the number of times a speaker may comment on a particular agenda item. 
  • Limit comments to the item being considered.
  • Limit the total time for discussion of an item.
  • Require "Request to Speak" forms be submitted.  If required, the form will be provided for the public to fill out and be given to the Bard secretary. The President will recognize only those speakers who have submitted a "Request to Speak" form.
B. Procedure for Placing an Item on the Agenda
  • The annual agenda calendar is developed by the Superintendent and the Board in January. Generally, business items will be considered during the first meeting of the month and curriculum items during the second meeting of the month. 
  • The President or Vice President and the Superintendent will attempt to confer at least three working days prior to the next Board meeting. The agenda is scheduled using the annual agenda calendar and input from the administration, staff, board members and the community. 
  • A request by the public for an item directly related to school district business to be placed on the agenda should be made in writing to the Superintendent at least five working days prior to the next Board meeting. The Superintendent and the President will decide if the business or curriculum meeting is more appropriate for the item.     
C. Procedure for Subcommittee Appointment
The President may appoint a subcommittee consisting of less than a quorum of Board members as needed to investigate or study a topic and report back to the Board.
The Public Comment section of the Board meeting is the appropriate time for the public to speak to items not on the agenda. The statements must be related to school district business. The Board is not required to respond to public comment.  The Board's intent is to answer in appreciation for the input and, if possible, to direct the speaker to the person best qualified to respond at a more appropriate time.
Personnel performance and evaluation will not be placed on the open session agenda or discussed during the open session of the meeting. A closed session meeting to discuss problems regarding personnel will be held if all other administrative avenues have failed.
We hope that this information will clarify any questions regarding school board meetings and procedures. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a Board member or write a letter. Community input and support are most appreciated.