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Lice Prevention

Lice are not strangers to school campuses.  Although lice do not carry disease, they are tenacious, bothersome, and easily spread from one person to another.  Help your children to avoid coming in contact with lice by encouraging them not to share combs, hats, hair ribbons or other personal items. 
If lice or eggs (called “nits”) are found on a student, parents are notified and the child is sent home with information regarding treatment. Siblings are also checked, and if two or more students from one class have lice, all students in the class are checked for infestation.  Following detection of lice or nits, a notice is sent home to all students in the class alerting parents to the possibility of infestation (Ed. Code 48213)
Please be aware that we have a “no live adult lice” policy in the Moraga School District.  Head “re-checks” are conducted 10 days after a child returns to school as an extra precaution.